Nestled in a small Franconian village in Germany, surrounded by rolling hills and clean energy windmills is where you will find the factory that produces FINETEC pearlescent paints. Draw.TEC is the parent company and owner of the brand “FINETEC”, that is known the world over for quality and consistency. Draw.TEC is part of a rich tradition of German family owned companies that produce the world’s best art supplies.


Quality & product safety

The collection of FINETEC brand paints are manufactured with selected raw materials of the highest quality. The basis of this new generation of FINETEC pearlescent colors is formed by purified gum Arabic and high quality, pearlescent pigments. The special manufacturing process gives each color cake its own unique surface. All raw materials used are considered non-toxic and meet the American requirements according to ASTM D-4236.Great attention is paid to 100% quality control, during both manufacturing and assembly. When developing these paints, three things are considered, the customers needs, the quality of the product and consistency.



The raw materials and mica pigments used in the paints are all ethically sourced.  All color products are manufactured exclusively with solar power. The solar modules actually generate more environmentally green electricity than is consumed. 



In 2014 Draw.TEC purchased the FINETEC family of products together with the brand. At that time most product manufacturing was moved to Draw.TEC, but the mica paints were still being manufactured by the former owner of the brand. Draw.TEC and their distribution partner Alvin & Co. put a lot of time and investment into growing the FINETEC brand. Unfortunately, this manufacturer had serious delivery problems. In order to meet growing demand for pearlescent colors and to avoid supply problems again, Draw.TEC developed an innovative manufacturing process that had a positive effect on the quality. Improvements to the products solubility and applicability have also been implemented. Draw.TEC is the complete owner of the FINETEC brand name and the registered trademark holder in the United States. Alvin & Company is sole distributor of the product line in the USA.

-Alvin & Company

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