Meet the finetec family of paints

Our colors are made with selected raw materials of the highest quality and craftsmanship in Emskirchen, Germany. We use only selected raw materials of the highest quality. The base is purified gum arabic and high-quality pearlescent pigments.


Because of their high lightfastness and high pigmentation, they are not only suitable for calligraphy and painting but also in the graphic area for coloring your sketches. There are no limits to your creativity. The colors can be mixed with each other as well as with other media and adhere to a variety of absorbent substrates - even on wood or stone.

Our opaque pearlescent colors unfold their full color brilliance and their unique color gloss on all surfaces. Our iridescent colors appear almost transparent on a light background and shimmer magically depending on the angle of view and the light. On dark, preferably on black backgrounds, it unfolds its enchanting color. A real eye-catcher.

The new color recipe was developed with artists and calligraphers. Great emphasis was placed on a very good solubility. The colors are suitable for use with brush , classic pen and glass pen. Add exceptional accents to your art with our latest generation of Finetec Pearlescent and Iridescent colors!

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