Elizabeth Zhang.  @calligraphiewithliz

Elizabeth Zhang. @calligraphiewithliz

Kelsey Seufer,  @livelifecreativelyco

Kelsey Seufer, @livelifecreativelyco

Jessie Wang,  @_jwlettering

Jessie Wang, @_jwlettering


Liz is a calligrapher based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her passion for calligraphy sparked while finding an avenue to de-stress from the daily hustle. She started learning calligraphy in September 2017 and found it to be a great creative outlet that brought joy and satisfaction. After lots of learning and experimenting, she found her passion and specialty lies in watercolor lettering, brush lettering, and pointed pen calligraphy. Most notably, she does customized pieces for anyone who is looking to have an art piece for their homes, for their wedding, or for a gift for a friend! Her mission is to spread kindness and love through lettering and that is definitely evident on her Instagram Page (@calligraphiewithliz). Here, you will be able to find lots of encouraging and positive quotes that will uplift your spirits and guide you through your daily lives.


My daily mission is to live my life creatively. Being creative in every aspect of my life, not just on the computer or on paper. Being a creative is a blessing from God. You can teach someone how to use photoshop but want you can’t teach someone is how to see the vision. I have always known that I am meant for more than just making pretty things. I strive to understand the background behind them, the journey of how to get there and the goals of the outcome.

I grew up in Colorado and have never left. Studying fine art, graphic design and business in college, I knew that I had to fulfill my artistic ability in some way. Throughout my studies I developed many creative skills that I am able to apply to my profession as an Art Director and Graphic Designer. I have always enjoyed using many different mediums in creating art, from the computer, to the iPad to materials on paper such as, watercolor, pens and pencils, paint and so much more.

With over 7 years of professional work experience as a designer, I bring a unique eye to the art of letterforms and calligraphy. I started calligraphy a short time ago to help bring back my artistic ability on paper. The artistic talent runs deep in my blood. My grandmother was a painter and calligrapher, my aunt is also a painter and a graphic designer and my mother is an interior designer. Calligraphy is not just about how pretty it looks but the true art behind the letterforms and composition of phrases and words. I am passionate about lettering because it allows me to tap into a side of my brain that I don’t get to that often. It allows me to go back to my base of artistic ability and create beautiful things with a beautiful message! To see more of Kelsey’s work visit her website here

Jessie Wang is the calligrapher and watercolour artist behind JW Lettering. She works from her home studio in Toronto, Ontario, serving clients all over the world.

Her calligraphy style fundamentally begins with the traditional Copperplate Script, and has evolved overtime with creative flourishing and decorative embellishments. In the earlier stages of her creative journey, she has built strong foundations in pointed pen calligraphy through self-study of various penmanship manuals, and later, studied with some of the very best International teachers. Today, Jessie combines her love for calligraphy and watercolour to create bespoke stationeries and artworks for weddings, corporate events and more. She focuses on achieving an elegant yet vibrant style in all her creations.

Currently, Jessie has an international audience of over 75K on Instagram, and her artwork has been featured on various pages, magazines and blogs including WedLuxe Magazine,  RuffledBlog, Cayman Vows Magazine. She has also had the privilege to work and collaborate with many top international brands such as Tiffany & Co and Gaston Luga.

Aside from client work,  Jessie hopes to inspire and encourage others to explore their creative side by regularly sharing tips, processes, resources on her Instagram and blog. Her "Beginner's Guide to Pointed Pen Calligraphy", in particular, has been the go-to resource for those who want to get started in calligraphy. Read her blog here.

Edgar Villa,  @made.by.edgar

Edgar Villa, @made.by.edgar


Edgar is a Mexican artist based in Jersey City, mainly focusing on calligraphy, a variation of the Blackletter and Copperplate script, but his art ranges from drawing, music and clay sculpting. He lives by one motto “Work Towards Your Dreams.”

You can follow Edgar on:

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Visit his website here.


Younghae Chung,  @logos_calligraphy

Younghae Chung, @logos_calligraphy


Younghae Chung is left-handed calligrapher, based in Irvine, California. After working in a NYC advertising agency & non-profit organization for the past 10 years, she decided to follow her passion and officially launched "Logos Calligraphy & Design" in January 2016. Her journey started in college after taking an Italic calligraphy class, but it wasn't until 2014 when her love for pointed pen calligraphy ignited.  

When she's not writing or working on her next project, she loves teaching others and passing on the love for penmanship! Younghae has taught over 200 students through her intimate in-person workshops and over 2,000 students through the Modern Calligraphy Summit 2.0 as well as her own "Learn Copperplate Calligraphy" online course.

In November 2016, she designed and launched her first product -  "Copperplate Practice Pad" and within a couple of months, sold over 1,000 pads all over the US and worldwide. Her pads are now being carried at local shops in California as well as through John Neal Books, Paper Ink & Arts, and Pyaar in Hong Kong. 

She is a member of IAMPETH (International Association of Master Penman, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting) and a Contributor for Calligrafile (an online resource for calligraphers/letterers).

Follow her work on InstagramFacebook to watch videos, see 'behind the scenes' shots, and snippets of her life as a calligramom, raising her 2 active boys!

Nim Ben-Reuven,  @nim_br

Nim Ben-Reuven, @nim_br

Nim Ben Reuven is a freelance Art Director, Custom Lettering Artist, Video Producer and Installation Designer living in Brooklyn, NY with a great affinity for elegant scripts, self-effacing humor and making all sorts of stuff out of cardboard. He received a Bachelors Degree in Sociology from Rutgers University and a Master of Sciences in Communication Design from The Pratt Institute.


You can see more of Nim's work here.

Angelique Phillips,  @angeliqueink

Angelique Phillips, @angeliqueink

Angi is an artist, calligrapher, designer and teacher. Lover of the poetic song and dance of pen and ink meeting paper. Telling a story with words, where mere words fall short.

In love with written word, old fashioned pens and ink since childhood when she received her first calligraphy set at the age of twelve. Today, that’s turned into a passion for teaching and creating with personal expression through the depth and mystery that emotes via dipping pens in ink and writing things by hand. Known for her distinctive and diverse array of styles, she’s since created thousands of handwritten pieces for a wide range of clients all over the globe, and instructed over 1900 students in learning the art of modern calligraphy at her in-person workshops. Creativity, human connection, and resurrecting the lost art of handwriting, is what drives the heart behind Angelique, Ink.

You can see more of Angi’s work here.